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I love data science. I also love the Bachelor. So why not mix the two? A Dash of Data aims to bring together the worlds of analytics and pop culture. This blog features some of my favorite things – from Taylor Swift songs to Olive Garden bread sticks to OPI nail polish – all presented in a mathematical way.

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I currently teach data science boot camps at Metis. We offer classes in NYC, SF, Chicago and Seattle. Come check us out!

You can also find my Master Lock and data science tutorials on YouTube, my sample Python code on Github and more on my professional accomplishments on LinkedIn.

I am passionate about making complex things easy to understand, and using data science to tell fun and engaging stories. Feel free to shoot me a message at adashofdata@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you.

Hope you enjoy!
– Alice



  1. Fun read. I love nerdy girly girls. 🙂

  2. hey there,

    I am a contributor for an online magazine and would love to feature your stats.
    Just need your premission to use them.

    Many thnaks

  3. Amazing blog! It’s reached Brazil hue³

  4. SO excited to find you! Even though it’s been a few years since you actively post – you were featured somewhere (now I can’t remember because it’s been a few days since I read that article) but have had your page open in my browser for days! I’ve just gotten into Data Science & am getting my Master’s right now – your use of data is SO fun. And so inspiring. This is exactly why I wanted to get into this field 🙂 THANK you for creating this page, years ago!

    • Hi Laura – Thanks for the note! I’m so glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed the blog and that you’re getting into data science. I wish you the best of luck in your master’s degree and data science career. – Alice

  5. Hi Alice. Thanks so much for the muffin vs cupcake tutorial. I know it has been up there for a while but I just happened to find it, and it was amazing. Respectfully, I have some questions about that since I don’t understand some parts of it, How Can I ask you? can I leave my questions here for you? For instance, I don’t understand quite well the section # Get the separating hyperplane, and # Plot the parallels to the separating hyperplane that pass through the support vectors?? I don’t understand how you did that?
    Thanks in advance

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